Christmas Party cancelled this year

The committee has decided to cancel the Christmas Party this year with everything that is happening. If all goes well maybe we can have a get together before Xmas in some other format. We will post updates on Facebook and the Website.

Monthly meetings and on ground volunteering.

We hope you are still staying home and keeping well and warm. 

As a community Not-For-Profit Friends’ group, we are in uncharted waters as we face the challenges of COVID-19 and volunteering for 2020.

The meetings rooms are still closed so our monthly meetings are on hold. The committee are keeping in touch by phone and email but not much is happening. Councils and government agencies are working on details in relation to volunteering on ground, and there will be some extra controls that the group will need to adhere to that are recommendations of DHHS and Safework Australia. Once these have been approved and in place we can go ahead but will most likely be the end of July, so hang in there and we will see you all at the other end.